Announcing New Schools App Features: Directory, Favorites, and real-time messaging

The upcoming release of Schools App introduces exciting new features for students and staff, including real-time private messaging. We continue to give students more opportunities to build connections with their peers and school. Now with the latest improvements, we are facilitating a deeper, more personal experience for them.

Make it easier for your students to find each other and connect directly:

Directory: Use their mobile devices to easily find and communicate with people at their institution based on personal and academic interests such as major, residence hall, or hometown.

Favorites: Build a list of favorites for easy access to staff and student profiles. Quickly find and keep in touch with their financial aid counselor, new friend from orientation, or roommate.

Private, real-time messaging: Send a note with one tap on their iPhone or Android device and begin a private conversation. Already, students using Roommate Finder to post private messages get a 90% response rate. An instant response in Schools App can be the start of a long lasting friendship and the difference between an admitted and enrolled student.


Our goal is to help students find the right information and people, so that they are more likely to be successful. With the latest enhancements, we look forward to enabling these connections at a stronger level and giving students new reasons to engage in your school’s community.