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Top 3 Reasons Your Students May “Melt” This Summer and What You Can Do About It

The school-year is just around the corner and with all the fun in the sun that summer brings often comes a scary reality that institutions face each year. Summer melt.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, summer melt is defined as: “the phenomenon that students pay a deposit to attend a particular college but do not matriculate at that college the following fall.”

According to Harvard study titled The Forgotten Summer, authored by Benjamin L Castleman and Lindsay C. Page, the problems faced by students can be distilled into three main issues:

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Top Social Media Mashups from Private Universities

Here at Inigral, we look through a lot of different social media campaigns to see what our friends in Higher Ed are doing to drive social media engagement. Lately, colleges have been trying to manage the plethora of social media content in an easy to digest page which we call the Social Media Mashup Dashboard. Most display the daily happenings of their instituions activities, but the best engage the greater community in a conversation. Here’s our countdown:

4 – Social Media Mashup Page – Vanderbilt University

Our first example is of Vanderbilt University whose page which shows all of its  social media happenings in one place. It takes their Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, and LinkedIn and makes it into an interactive feed.  We like the clean presentation and choice to let the content speak for itself. Read More

What Teenagers Really Think of Your Marketing – 2012 TeensTALK Takeaways

Every summer STAMATS hosts a TeensTALK panel featuring 15 graduated high-school seniors who reflect on their college decision making process and what college marketing tactics resonated with them most. Some of the student responses were shocking such as, “don’t advertise on Facebook” while others seemed a bit more common sense “when you send us 100 emails (or repeat the same emails) you look desperate.”

In case you missed the talk, Higher Ed Live has a recording of it below, or you can save yourself some time and digest our 5 key takeaways. Read More