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Schools App Staff Profiles: Mobile Updates

Staff profiles in Schools App are an important way for students to find and connect with your admissions team. As May approaches, we want to make it as easy as possible for your admitted students to make a decision about attending your institution which means helping them locate staff members that can answer their questions as they move through the process.

Over 90% of all Schools App activity occurs on our iPhone and Android apps, so here are a few ways that you can take advantage of our latest staff mobile updates to reach your admitted students at this crucial point in time.

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4 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy

Reflecting on the latest data from the 2015 Social Admissions Report made us consider: What are the most important questions your admissions team should be asking about student recruitment and mobile? We’ve assembled our top 4 below along with pro tips for making the most out of your efforts.

Check out the full white paper, in partnership with Chegg, for best practices around student recruitment, admissions marketing and student engagement.


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5 Questions for James Steen, VP of Enrollment Management, Houston Baptist University

Last week, the Uversity team was lucky enough to host James Steen, Vice-President of Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist University (HBU), for a webinar that detailed his approach to a successful enrollment strategy.  Under his leadership, HBU has experienced unprecedented growth in its freshman student enrollment which is why we couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask him a few follow-up questions.

Below he shares practical next steps for building a data-driven strategy, fostering a data-oriented team culture and managing that pesky question, “How are we doing?” every time you walk across campus this Spring.

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