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Software as a Mission

Software procurement underwent radical change in the face of “the cloud.”  The paradigm of purchasing a static piece of software that met your requirements, installing it (or having it installed) locally, and then purchasing updates went out the window over the past decade.  Some organizations still follow the old model, but there are fewer and fewer of them and they are dying off.  CTOs who obstinately refuse the cloud out of security concerns are cowboys in a world of interstate highways, and old enterprise software vendors are carriage makers circa 1920. Read More

Facebook is a Serial “Feature Killer.”

Facebook recently decided it was doing away with the Tabs that allowed brands to customize the landing experience on their Pages.  That’s okay, because it will make the Facebook experience of interacting with brands better and more consistent. Read More

New iPhone and Mobile Versions of the Schools App Released!

Inigral Launches iPhone and Mobile Versions of Popular Schools App, Offering Proven, Innovative Ways to Connect with Students

San Francisco, January 31, 2012—To help institutions maximize enrollment of students in the class of 2016, Inigral announced today the release of mobile and IPhone versions of its popular Schools App available to students at colleges and universities that offer the service. The Schools App has become a successful retention tool for community colleges, private colleges and public universities by providing a platform to build stronger connections with students through student-led interactions. Read More