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What can Higher Ed learn from the Brand New Conference?

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Brand New Conference, a series of talks focused on the creative side of branding. Although the target audience was advertising and marketing agencies (not higher ed practitioners)  I was blown away by the people who spoke and their passion and understanding of what makes a good brand work.

I figured the takeaways were worthwhile enough for higher ed and anyone who’s tasked with defining and maintaining a brand. Read More

Students Love Us: Success With Social Media

As Schools App reaches more and more students, we’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback about how students are using the application. Here’s a quick sample of what students have to say about Schools App and how students are using it to connect with each other (click on a post to see a bigger version):
Note: these screenshots are composites, with names and faces changed to respect the privacy of our students and honor our security standards. The positive feedback students are expressing is otherwise unedited.
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How to: Add a static FBML tab to your Facebook page

Facebook Pages are a great way to greet your students and fans on Facebook, especially if you’re a large institution with a lot of different people looking for you online. But what if you want to customize your page further and add content specific to you?

You can add applications and tabs to Pages the same way you can add them to your personal profile, but the steps to get an FBML (Facebook markup language, which is exactly like HTML with a few new options) tab up and running can be a little confusing- here’s how it works!
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