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First Look at the TargetX and Uversity Integration

Have you heard?!? Sasha Peterson, TargetX CEO, will host Integrating TargetX and Uversity on Thursday, September 24th at 3pm EDT. In this webinar, he’ll discuss the product integration between TargetX’s CRM suite and Uversity’s Schools App. Learn how these two solutions complement one another and what’s next on the product integration roadmap. Keep reading for a sneak peek 😉

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New Schools App Feature: Tracking Staff Engagement

New freshmen on campus signal the close to yet another admissions cycle. So how did your class shape up? A more critical question should be:

“How effective were your recruitment and communication strategies in shaping your class?”

Targeted communication accelerates students’ engagement with your institution, and by using Announcements and Private Messaging you are able to create more touch points for staff and a better overall experience for students. With our new Staff Engagement page you can now track and evaluate your team’s personalized, high-touch outreach. Let’s take a tour!

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Save Counselors’ Time and Increase Contact Rates: Introducing the Student Report

“How are the numbers looking?”

Sound familiar? If you’re in enrollment management, chances are you’re on the receiving end of this question every time you walk across campus.

As yield season kicks into high gear, it’s critical to know how you’re tracking with deposits year-over-year. Ultimately, your team needs to take action and drive enrollment targets home. Enrollment Intelligence enables admissions staff to shift their focus and align their efforts where they will have the most impact on shaping this year’s class.

So, how can you help your counselors do more with less to move the needle – encouraging students to take the next step in the enrollment process? The new Student Report feature in Enrollment Intelligence is your “counselor view” with real-time insights into how students feel about your institution right now. Give counselors the power to identify and focus high-touch efforts on admitted students who are on-the-fence about enrolling.

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