Capture Students’ Attention More Effectively Using New Visual and Mobile Tools for Announcements

One of the most common questions we hear from our partner institutions is, “How can we communicate effectively with our students and understand the impact that we’re making?”

With the latest updates to the Schools App Announcements feature, we’re making it easier to reach your students with visually dynamic and mobile-friendly messages. Announcements enables your staff to directly target and engage specific pockets of students, using data tags such as major, counselor group or hometown, with updates about events, deadlines and opportunities occurring at your school. Targeted, customized messages sent through Announcements reach 3x more students than when information is posted to the general Schools App feed.

To keep up with today’s digitally-savvy students, we’ve improved Announcements by adding images and call-to-action buttons. Now, students can interact with your critical and time-sensitive messages in an easy and actionable fashion from their mobile devices. Your staff, in turn, can measure the impact of the announcement by viewing click through rates and communication reach based on platform (iPhone, Android, desktop, or mobile web).


Announcements Updates:

  • Visually Compelling on Mobile: Option to include customized image and call-to-action button to direct students to a specific website on their mobile device.

  • Easily Continue the Conversation: If students have questions or feedback, they can easily tap on their phone from the announcement to contact staff via  real-time private message, email, or voice call.



The summer months are an important time to communicate with your students. Whether students are attending orientation, registering for classes, or preparing for the upcoming year, it’s critical to get the right message to the right student at the right time.