Facebook for Yield: An Annotated Bibliography

An increasing number of schools are reaching out to prospective students via social networking sites in order to communicate about opportunities, and also to bring the students into the community before they even set foot on campus.  As Facebook is the most popular social networking site for this target age group, it offers many options for schools to market themselves to and connect with prospective and admitted students in order to improve yield. The following is a collection of resources on the topic of using Facebook in Admissions and Enrollment.

Facebook links students with K-State reps

By Hannah Blick, Kansas State Collegian Online. November 2009
Six K-State admissions representatives have created professional Facebook pages through which they interact with prospective students.

FacebookGate, Take 2?

By Brad J. Ward, SquaredPeg.  October 2009
“It’s time to begin implementing your strategy of utilizing Facebook for customer service, retention and yield in your incoming Class of 2014.”

Colleges learn to live with social media

By Childs Walker, The Baltimore Sun.  September 2009
“Before they ever get to campus they can put their shoes into what it feels like to be a…student,” said (one admissions counselor).  “I hear from people all over campus that with every progressive year, the newest class is the most together and connected group that has ever showed up. They’ve already known each other for months.”

To friend or not to friend? College admissions in the age of Facebook

By Lindsey Anderson, USA Today.  September 2009
More than 70% of officials in the annual survey say they or others in their office have received social networking “friend requests” from applicants, but only 13% of say their schools have policies regarding this new phenomenon.

Should a College Applicant ‘Friend’ an Admissions Officer?

By Jacques Steinberg, New York Times.  September 2009
Schools have conflicting opinions on whether or not to bridge the social space with professional business.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as Admission Recruitment Tools

By Simple Apply. September 2009
Today’s higher education marketers need to know how to practically apply social networking technologies in order to best leverage the huge audiences that these networks have built.

Facebook Fan Pages in Higher Ed

By Brad J. Ward and FJ Gaylor, Blue Fuego. July 2009
The results of a comprehensive study on 1,035 schools’ Facebook pages.

How #2013 will help us yield better.

By Brad J. Ward, SquaredPeg.  January 2009
“By actively promoting the Class of 2013 group rather than sitting on the sidelines, (Brad saw) more students join earlier in the decision process and connect with students in a meaningful way.”

Frenemies on Facebook

By Jack Stripling, Inside Higher Ed.  December 2008
On the importance of schools setting up official spaces for incoming freshman, based on lessons learned from the “Class of 2013” Facebookgate scandal.

College Applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page Is Showing

By John Hechinger, Wall Street Journal.  September 2008
21% of colleges polled said that they use social networking sites for recruiting prospects and gathering information about applicants.

Here come the Fall 08 kids…

By Brad J. Ward, SquaredPeg.  January 2008
On the importance of setting up your school’s official presence on Facebook to prevent the spread of misinformation.

(Here is a collection of resources on using Facebook for Retention)