What’s happening with Facebook in College Admissions? (infographic)

We talk a lot about Facebook in the admissions process.

Whether we’re covering how prospective students use it, how institutions are measuring it, or common complaints about it, I’ve learned that all the blogging in the world doesn’t always clearly articulate how we view current state of Facebook in admissions marketing.

Fortunately we have a marvelously talented designer on our team, who put together a variety of research from various higher ed outlets to help tell our view of “what’s with Facebook in the admissions process.”

Check out the graphic below, download it or share the love with the Like or Tweet above.

  • http://twitter.com/bcirce Brett Circe

    Good job Michael

  • http://www.kevinfadler.com/ Kevin F. Adler

    Nice design work, very clear and compelling.

    • http://www.brandoncroke.com/ Brandon Croke

      Thanks for the kind words guys!

  • Tony Sylvester

    Great post! Will definitely keep this in my arsenal when making new FB changes (I hope)!

  • http://visualalliancemedia.com/ Joe Imbrogno

    Great infographic, Brandon. Thanks for sharing! 

    Focusing on just one item, we too found that students like to ask questions and seek help through social media (it’s where they are spending a good portion of their time online, after all!).  We created a slideshare discussing how Facebook can be used as a social customer service tool and we use one of our clients, the University of South Florida, as a case study. 

    Check it out if you’re interested: http://tampabaysocialmedia.com/social-media-for-colleges-universities-a-case-study-in-social-customer-service.  


  • Anjali

    Infographics are the best! Good work guys.

  • Erica Young

    Great article, Michael! We are doing exactly what you stated pertaining to creating groups for accepted students. We have found these groups are very effective for turning accepted students into enrolled students. The group also allows us to address the many questions that new students have before they come on campus.