Introducing the 2012 Social Admissions Report

Observe any fifteen to twenty-one  year old for more than a few minutes and you’ll undoubtedly see them “connected” via their phone, texting, tweeting or Facebooking with their friends.

While it’s no news that social media is here and here to stay, the jury is still out whether students use social media to research colleges and universities.

Well, that jury has returned with some staggering results. In the largest sample size to date, Zinch and Inigral surveyed over 7,000 college bound high-school to learn how social media plays a role in their college search process. Have you ever wondered the answers to the following questions?

  • Which social media sites are high-school students currently using?

  • Which sites are they doing research on colleges and universities?
  • Who are they most interested in connecting with online?

According to our survey, 72% of incoming High-school seniors have already researched their prospective colleges on a social media site.

This percentage has been growing steadily each year. To compare to  a similar data-point in 2011 Noel-Levitz E-expectations  showed only 27% of students had used Facebook to research a prospective college.

Update – Although we’ve already presented this webinar live in September 2012, we’d like to share with you the slides for you to review the key takeaways we found in the data. The full presentation can be found on Slideshare here.

Whether your interested in improving campus diversity, prioritizing your social media strategy, or looking to invest more time or resources into new initiatives, you won’t want to miss this new research!