Mobile Resources in Higher Ed – From 101 to 2012

It seems like Mobile is the new marketing buzzword this year in Higher Ed. While social isn’t going away (and is nowhere close to being over), Higher Ed has rightfully begun perking up at new ideas to engage with today’s “Sobile” student.

(hats off to Corie Martin for coining the Mobile + Social = “Sobile”)

There are a lot of great resources out there on mobile for Higher Ed.. Whether it’s Dave Molson’s directory of Mobile in Higher Ed websites, Joe Sabado’s Mobile Web Resources or articles from individuals like Jeff Kirchick on 5 ways higher education is using mobile technology.

After seeing Jeff present at High Ed Web, I was impressed by his perspective on the current state of the geo location industry, and the direction he sees the technology heading.

Taking a Step Back – Mobile 101

Although for many Higher Ed ninja’s words like geo, social and mobile are a first language, others (perhaps your colleague or boss) may not be as hip to the “mobile lingo.” In light of this divide, our research team sifted through  a variety of academic research to put together a Mobile 101 White Paper for Higher Ed.

This high level overview covers the mobile basics, and why it’s important for your college or university to prepare for the mobile revolution. You can download it or share with your boss or colleague who may need an introduction to the different aspects and terminology associated with mobile.

Moving Forward – 2012 Mobile Forecast

This past November we also conducted a mobile survey with Stamats and received responses from over 500 higher ed practitioners on their plans for mobile this year and beyond.

In the survey, 60% of respondents said mobile is already fundamental to how students experience college.

Although our sample may be a bit self selective (administrators more likely to have an interest in mobile would be more likely to fill out a mobile survey) we believe this shows how important the mobile trend is going to be in the coming years. You can download the full 2012 Mobile Forecast here.

We’ve got some exciting announcements coming for how we’re improving student engagement with Mobile and the Schools App, but we’ll save the fanfare for next week.

Until then, enjoy the content and let us know how your campus is preparing for the mobile revolution in the comments below.

  • Rob Castellucci

    Hey Brandon, nice post. Haven’t searched in all the linked resources but was curious if you have a stat on % of college students who treat mobile phone as their main internet enabled device now? I remember hearing something like over 60% have mobile as exclusive dependable way to get on the internet. #studentaccessibility

    • Brandon Croke

      Hey Rob thanks for the question, unfortunately this report was focussed on college adoptions trends, and not on individual student behaviors. Let me know if you find a percentage it would be great to have that number as well. 

  • Joe Sabado

    Thanks for the mention Brandon. The convergence of social media, mobile and location is definitely a trend that I can see higher education will need to respond to.

    • Brandon Croke

      Absolutely Joe, and they are definitely responding, some slower than others as always. Thanks for commenting and continuing to aggregate great mobile research.