NC State is Ahead of the Game on Twitter!

By now, many schools have joined the Twittersphere, using the tool to help broadcast campus news, post athletics updates, and even promote themselves to prospective students.  It’s a great place to reach a wide audience, easily, and start some really important conversations.

On September 8th, North Carolina State University announced the unveiling of a new, central site that aggregates all 59 of the school’s official twitter accounts.  Yes, you read right: 59*62* different accounts.


They include:

This aggregation makes it easy for NCSU prospects, students, parents and alumni to keep up with all campus news, not just what one or two offices share with the public. They also offer a simple “how to use Twitter” guide, a link to a real-time search of all tweets that mention #ncsu, #ncstate and #wolfpack, and make it easy for other NC State groups to have their Twitter feeds appear on this page.

On top of the outstanding utility, it’s a beautiful page – simple in its design and very user-friendly. This is a great example of using social media smartly.  Make it simple, useful, organic, and make it easy for your authors and your audience to keep up.

UPDATE: In the spirit of sharing and making progress, NCSU released the code to this site!!  You can download it here, and create your own Twitter aggregation for your campus.

Way to go NCSU, and thanks for sharing this!!!