New Schools App Feature: Tracking Staff Engagement

New freshmen on campus signal the close to yet another admissions cycle. So how did your class shape up? A more critical question should be:

“How effective were your recruitment and communication strategies in shaping your class?”

Targeted communication accelerates students’ engagement with your institution, and by using Announcements and Private Messaging you are able to create more touch points for staff and a better overall experience for students. With our new Staff Engagement page you can now track and evaluate your team’s personalized, high-touch outreach. Let’s take a tour!




The staff leaderboard displays the top 5 admissions counselors – members of your team who have the highest level of personal engagement with students. Leaders are determined by Schools App activity including announcements sent, private messages started and last login.




Announcements enables your staff to directly target and engage specific pockets of students using data tags (e.g. counselor, hometown or major). We know that sending targeted announcements has 3x more reach than when information is posted to the general Schools App feed. With this repository you can view sent announcements and corresponding metrics such as view and click rates for both joiners and non-joiners. You can toggle between raw numbers and percentages to assess the reach of each announcement.

Pro tip: Setup success for your next admit cohort by determining which announcements (e.g. targeted vs. nontargeted) made the biggest impact and replicating those strategies.


Reporting-Page_Private Messages

Private Messaging

Real-time private messaging allows your team to have one-to-one conversations with students, facilitating a deeper, more personal experience for them. Now we are able to provide visibility into conversation-level analytics. You can identify admissions counselors who sent private messages, as well as the length of correspondence between staff and student. A message thread greater than one demonstrates engagement by the student.

Pro tip: Establish which admissions counselors had the most successful real-time conversations and inquire about best practices for starting a private message. Share with the rest of your team!

Take note that all data is exportable! Download in excel or csv format to analyze the numbers on your own terms.