Recent Updates: Polling Admits, Mobile Sources, and Client Feedback

We strive constantly to make improvements to Schools App. Some of these changes are big and flashy; others are more subtle. Here are a few of the recent updates that you might have missed:

Polling Admits

In late-April, we ran a two-week experiment to see if admitted students would respond to polling about their intent to enroll. Students were shown the following question:



Those who responded “Yes” were offered the option to share their decision on Twitter.

The results were strongly positive. We received responses from 16,243 students, with 87.3% responding “Yes”, 10.4% undecided, and 2.3% responding “No”, giving us a data set to work with when planning for next year’s admissions cycle. If you are curious to see the raw data for your own students, please contact our Clientology team and they would be happy to share what we have.



Mobile Sources

As part of a general effort to increase awareness of our mobile apps, we’ve begun labeling posts in the Feed that originate from the iPhone app.



Labeling posts that originate from the Android app will follow shortly.

Client Feedback

Our team is always seeking better ways to gather feedback and understand how well we’re meeting your needs. If you’ve visited your Dashboard in the past few days, you may have noticed a short poll at the top:



Please take a minute to respond to the poll and leave us your comments; your feedback helps us serve you better!