How High School Students Use Social Media in their College Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

Students today have more information at their fingertips than the President of the United States did 15 years ago. It’s no wonder students are using these channels (social media) to dig up as much information on their prospective college or university.

Ever wonder which networks students are using to research your college, what information they find most valuable, and whether social media is even influential in their college decision?

The answer to these questions and more can be found in the Inigral and Zinch 2013 Social Admissions Report, a two-year survey on how over 11,000 college-bound high school students use social media in their college search.

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how high school students use social media in their college search

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  • Elise Perachio

    Did the data on which colleges are the most popular on social media come from your survey or from some other source? I’m guessing it was your survey but wanted to know for sure. Thanks.

    • Brandon Croke

      Great question Elise. This list of colleges was gathered from our student survey which was an open ended response asking what college or university did a particular good job with their social media presence.

      • Elise Perachio

        Many thanks, Brandon!