The Battle of the Adaptive, Social Tutoring Systems: Knewton vs. Grockit

Another fun takeaway from the convergence of thought leaders in education at SkySong, ASU: Knewton and Grockit are going to battle. The good news: the consumer/student will benefit, and the market is big enough for several players.

Full Disclosure: Grockit CEO Farbood Nivi is a friend of mine.

Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira articulated a compelling vision to be the adaptive assessment and content delivery engine for any type of content, with third parties actually being able to provide content through an API.   Nivi of Grockit has articulated a similar vision for years.  They both are after a big part of the revolution coming in education.

From the panel,  it sounded as if Knewton is further along the “platform” front and they are further along in the development of their API, whereas Grockit seems to be further along in designing in “gaming” elements into their social, peer-to-peer tutoring system.  But it turns out that Grockit actually is also further along in their platform development as well.  So, go Grockit!!!!!

Fun Facts: Ferreira used to be an exec at Kaplan, and Nivi used to be high up in Princeton Review and Kaplan.  Expats with expertise….:)  Knewton is backed by Accel Partners and Grockit is backed by Benchmark.  These two firms historically have been friendly but competitive.

This is going to be a fun thing to watch.  Too bad Inigral is too busy building a Lifecycle Engagement Platform to join in the fun….

  • Michael Staton

    Bring it on Farbood! Nah, I look forward to your correction and will happily correct any misinformation!