Top Social Media Mashups from Private Universities

Here at Inigral, we look through a lot of different social media campaigns to see what our friends in Higher Ed are doing to drive social media engagement. Lately, colleges have been trying to manage the plethora of social media content in an easy to digest page which we call the Social Media Mashup Dashboard. Most display the daily happenings of their instituions activities, but the best engage the greater community in a conversation. Here’s our countdown:

4 – Social Media Mashup Page – Vanderbilt University

Our first example is of Vanderbilt University whose page which shows all of its  social media happenings in one place. It takes their Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, and LinkedIn and makes it into an interactive feed.  We like the clean presentation and choice to let the content speak for itself.

3. Social Stream – College of William & Mary

William & Mary makes the list in number three for their Social Stream. It shows six posts at a time with the most recent official posts on the first window, their use of transitions allows up fourteen pages of posts for visitors to see. Other than the official posts, they also have a filter for “official-ish” and “unofficial” to keep things interesting. Simple, yet functional, earns the number three position on our list.

2. All Harvard Social Media Page – Harvard University

Harvard, the birthplace of Facebook, has not lagged behind in their social media presence. They have compiled all incorporated twitter updates, videos, and also an easy-to-use social media directory with a simple, yet elegant layout. The top of the page  highlights community life through videos and featured tweets and at the bottom there is a directory which breaks down all departments’ social media accounts for students to find and follow.

1. Student Social Media Feed – John’s Hopkins

Johns Hopkins showcases their student life through their own words and pictures. Hopkins Interactive is their social media student hub. It incorporates student photos, tweets, and blog posts in a scrollable frame. It serves as a great place for the public to see what Hopkins students are doing, as well as a forum for perspective students to get their questions answered.

We like the student focus aspect here, primarily the focus on content versus Twitter feed aspect of many other schools. It makes us want to comment on all the great photos and get to know some of the students. Kudos, Hopkins!

  • sandybox

    I’m completely biased because we implemented it, but Saint Anselm’s is very, very nice. :)

    • Brandon Croke

      Thanks for sharing that example!