Welcome to the Uversity Roundtable!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Inigral is now Uversity. Our new brand is an exciting part in our company history.  We’ve come a long way since 2008 when there were five of us hacking away in a room in Berkeley, California.

We’re excited and honored to have the opportunity to continue our work with some of the best and most innovative higher ed institutions in the world. We believe colleges and universities play a critical role in our society, adding advancements in science, technology, job creation, employability, and providing people the opportunity for a transformative experience.

Growing up, my parents were both 30+ year teaching veterans in the Ohio and Michigan public school systems. While the education I received in the classroom was important, what was equally important were the conversations we shared over our dining room table.

Uversity’s new Roundtable Blog is our company’s dining room table to discuss the important trends in higher education and technology. We plan on opening “our home” each month to gather perspectives from practitioners from  around the industry to help us all make sense of the dizzying pace of technological progress in which we live.

Introducing our new brand

Two years ago, I joined the Uversity team at an exciting growth period. Since then, I have watched our team and customer base triple in size and am finally able to show our new company identity that we’ve been working on this past year.

Coming up with a new brand isn’t easy. From soul searching company retreats, team-wide brainstorm sessions, and 1-on-1 meetings with our partner institutions, we decided Uversity better reflects our company’s mission and values to the world.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.27.49 AM

The U in our logo symbolizes the shorthand chat symbol frequently used in digital communications. As a company that builds products to improve student engagement, we see the U as central to every decision we make.

The U also represents our commitment to Universities as our partners, students as our users, and most importantly, our commitment to you as a Uversity employee, partner, or community member.

Here’s a short video we shared with current partners explaining the new brand:

Uversity as a community of learners

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 12.06.00 PM

Friendship connections mapped from a Schools App Class of 2016 community

Uversity is (obviously) a play off of “university,” which comes from the Latin “universitas,” which roughly translates into “a community of teachers and learners.”

Because we live in an age of such rapid technological progression, we believe all members of our community must work together in order to decide what role technology will play in students lives and how best to design and optimize technology to improve human progress.

While some people may disagree, technology alone isn’t going to replace or improve today’s higher education system anytime soon. On the other hand, today’s higher education institutions must realize technology plays a central role in our students’ lives, and we must adopt tools to better meet the needs of today’s 21st century learners. 

With that, I invite you to share your perspectives and join the conversation here in our blog. We look forward to hearing your ideas, so feel free to shoot me an email  brandon@uversity.com or tweet @bcroke if you’d like to share something.

Welcome to the Roundtable.