Win in Admissions: Enrollment Intelligence for 2015

Yield season is upon us. Are you ready? With Enrollment Intelligence, you can unlock your admit class and help your team work smarter, not harder to reach your enrollment goals.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once invited to Schools App, admitted students can engage and communicate with fellow students and admissions staff on their mobile devices.
  2. As students build profiles, ask questions and comment on posts, Enrollment Intelligence quantifies these interactions combined with your institutional data to predict how likely they are to enroll – as early as February 1st.
  3. We then prioritize your list of admitted students from their highest to lowest likelihood to enroll, uncovering which students to target and allowing you to shift your focus and align your efforts where they will have the biggest impact.


Enrollment Intelligence for 2015 will be released early February. But before Enrollment Intelligence can start calculating likelihood predictions, you need to customize it for your institution. Head over to your Schools App and complete the required information in the Enrollment Intelligence dashboard.

Need help getting started? Your Client Success Manager would be more than happy to help.

Not yet a partner institution? Contact our Business Development Team to learn more.