A private branded social network for your university

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Online Student Communities

Connect your prospective, admitted, or current students with their peers.

University Branded Network

Schools App is customizable to your clubs, organizations, and only for your students.

Meaningful Connections

We help introduce students based on shared activities, majors, and interests.

"One of the best things to see [with Schools App] has been how the students embrace it and make friends before they get to campus."

Christine Deacon

First Year Experience Coordinator, Eastern Michigan University

Did You Know?

"Developing a sense of belonging and connectedness within the new campus is one of the most important factors in long term student success."

Dr. Susie Brubaker, Associate Provost for Academic Success and Engagement

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"The Schools App has dramatically reduced the amount of work we have to spend on our old Facebook Pages. Now, it’s so easy to see what happened [in the app] or review any posts that have been flagged to make sure everything is running smoothly."

Liz Larson

Publications Editor, Office of Admissions, Illinois State University

Easily send students important updates via:
  • SMS Text
  • Facebook Notification
  • iPhone/Android Push Notification
  • Email
Segment messages based on student’s:
  • Major
  • GPA
  • State
  • Enrollment Status
  • Counselor Group
  • or any other characteristic

"I love the announcements feature as it let’s Otis reach students on their preferred email addresses for important news and deadlines from the college."

Mike Luna

Director of Student Activities, Otis College of Art and Design

Did You Know?

"88% of emails go unopened. Meanwhile, 98% of text messages are opened."

Mashable, The Power of Text Message Marketing

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Engaging out-of-state students reduces summer melt and boost yield by giving students from outside your state the support structure they need to succeed.

At the University of Denver, out-of-state Schools App users, were 4x more likely to enroll than out-of-state non-users.

Community Members
47% Likely to Enroll
10% Likely to Enroll

"We share our adoption, yield and melt rates with senior staff in our division, and plan to continue to analyze this data to see how it trends over time."

Emily Forbes

Director of Communications, Enrollment Division, University of Denver

Did You Know?

"Approximately 80% of [Facebook’s] daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada."


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Grow, shape and manage enrollment with
Enrollment Intelligence

Every year’s class is different. You can no longer rely solely on last year’s data to predict enrollment for this year. Enrollment Intelligence is the only real-time predictive model based on students’ current online behavior. Now you can identify students, ranked by their probability to enroll, so that you can focus your time and resources where they will have the biggest impact.

Actionable Reports

View students’ rank and probability to enroll based on their interactions with your mobile app.

Student Polls

Use timely student responses to help your counselors save resources and personalize their outreach.

How It Works

Connect & Engage With Students
View Insights You Can’t Get Anywhere Else
Track Predictions & Students’ Progress in Real-Time
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Invite your incoming students to connect directly with peers and staff in your school’s private, branded mobile app.

Our predictive model analyzes your students’ interactions to identify which ones are on-the-fence right now.

Easily view data from your dashboard so you can define and shape strategies for this year’s class.

Help your team work more effectively by targeting communication and allocating resources based on students’ ranks.

"The fact there’s a model working on understanding how [social behavioral] interactions affect students’ college choice and processing all of the factors I cannot see is reassuring. EI helps us to find, track and contact those students who are falling off."

Jamie Gleason

Director of Admissions, Chestnut Hill College